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About the current series...

For this particular series of work, I sought to combine some of my favorite things using two different styles of watercolor. Ever since I began painting in 2010, watercolor was the only painting medium that felt natural. I work in seasons of styles with the watercolor – between refined and loose. I enjoy the relationship created by combining organic animals with geometric lines and planes, thus this series is called Organic Geometry. It gives some order to the chaos.

There are three elements to each piece in this series. The first element is the animal or animals used as subject matter. I picked animals I like and find intriguing. The colors are a result of how I saw them in the moment – nearly believable.

The second element is the line work and planes seen interacting with the animals. The lines are derived from the idea of an architect drafting out the animal in that exact moment in time. The lines and planes are formed based on the animal’s position or form in the negative space. The lines are intended to draw attention to certain parts or forms within the animal – like the animal’s heart or eye. The colors for the planes are chosen to complement the animals, but also act as highlighters of space where shapes or areas take form.

The final element is the title of the piece, which connects the animal in the work with a literary piece or fictional character. Naming the works comes last as I determine it based on research. I encourage you to look up the titles to learn the “back” story of each piece.

This series is still quite young, and I look forward to seeing how it develops down the road. There is a lot of mileage yet to travel.